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Berwick Goldwing Light Parade 2019

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Berwick Goldwing Light Parade Inscriptions 2019


Sponsored By Berwick Town Council

Introduction to Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council was created on 3rd March 2008 and has 16 voluntary Councillors who represent 7 wards covering Berwick, Tweedmouth and Spittal, which have a combined population of about 12,000. The Council meets in Berwick's Town Hall. In addition there are committees which focus on Budget & Administration, Local Services, People & Communities and Planning. Residents of Berwick-upon-Tweed are encouraged to attend Town Council meetings to discuss local issues; the dates of meetings can be found here. The aim of the Town Council is to find ways of improving services and facilities for Berwick, Spittal and Tweedmouth. By providing grants it helps local community groups with projects and events. Members also try and ensure the community's interests are considered by other local and regional bodies. The Town Mayor carries out a range of civic duties during the year, as well as chairing the Council. The Civic Party is made up of the Town Mayor, Mayoress (or Mayor's Consort), the Sheriff and Sheriff's Lady. The Town Council is staffed by a Town Clerk, an Assistant to the Clerk and a Finance Officer who are based in The Berwick WorkSpace on Marygate (see below for contact details). The Civic Party is supported by the Sergeant-at-Mace and Halberdier.

Andrew Valentine

Great news Andrew Valentine is back with us this year. Thank You Andrew.

Faye Alexandra

We are pleased to have Faye Alexandra at this year's Berwick Goldwing Light Parade. Faye has been preforming on the music seen for the last 10 years

Iain Petrie

Say Hello to Iain Petrie, he will be on stage Live at this year's Berwick Goldwing Light Parade

Haggerston Castle Holiday Park

Thank You to Haggerston Castle for all their help and support A holiday park that’s perfect for an escape to the Northumberland lakes and woodlands Haggerston Castle Holiday Park will impress you from the moment you arrive – after all, not many caravan parks have an actual castle tower in the grounds! Once you’ve settled in you’ll find loads of things to do during your stay – splash around in our two heated pools, visit our stables and take a pony for a ride, spend some time relaxing in our beautiful Italian gardens or take to the gentle waters of our boating lake. If you’re after something a little more exciting our adventure trail is just waiting to be explored, or you can take to the treetops with our Aerial Adventure course. For something more relaxing, why not enjoy a quiet round of golf on our 9-hole course, or indulge yourself with a luxury treatment at our stunning spa. Whatever you have in mind, we’re sure you’ll find it at Haggerston Castle.

The Station

Berwick-upon-Tweed lifeboat station operates both all weather and inshore lifeboats. During its 170-year history the lifeboat crews have been presented with nine awards for gallantry.

  • 1834 A Silver Medal was awarded to Lieut H Baillie RN for rescuing six people from the schooner Cupido on 26 December
  • 1833.
  • 1835 A lifeboat house was located on the south side of the River Tweed at Spittal beach.
  • 1838 A Gold Medal was awarded to Lieut D Rymer RN for rescuing six crew from the scooner Margaret. A Silver Medal was awarded to Lieut EB Nott RN for rescuing nine people from the wrecked schooner Diana.
  • 1855 The lifeboat station was taken over by the RNLI. A Silver Medal was awarded to Dr FS Cahill for saving two people from a small boat.
  • 1863 The lifeboat capsized on exercise, thankfully without the loss of life.
  • 1877 Crew Member Thomas Elliott died, partly as a result of exposure during a service on 1 January.
  • 1900 The boathouse was moved to the Berwick side of the river because of the difficulty in getting a crew from Spittal.
  • 1901 A new boathouse was built at Ferry Landing.
  • 1906 Whilst on service to a fishing boat the lifeboat was thrown on her side and the crew were washed overboard. Fortunately they were all recovered.
  • 1908 A Silver Medal was awarded to Alexander Aitchison for saving his friend after their fishing boat capsized.
  • 1913 A Silver Medal was awarded to Coxswain Robert Burgon for rescuing 11 crew from the barque Jacob Rauers, wrecked in rough seas in Marshall Meadows Bay. The Swedish Government awarded Silver Medals to Robert Burgon and Second Coxswain James Jamieson for this service.
  • 1915 A Silver Medal was awarded to Second Coxswain James Jamieson for saving six crew from the motor boat Redhead.
  • 1930 The station was moved back to the south side of the river and a new boathouse with a roller slipway was built near Spittal beach.
  • 1935 A Centenary Vellum was awarded to the station.
  • 1967 An inshore lifeboat station was established with a D class lifeboat.
  • 1975 A Bronze Medal was awarded to Helmsman William Shearer and the Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum to Crew Member Norman Jackson for rescuing two women from a capsized trimaran.
  • 1976 The all weather Watson class lifeboat was withdrawn from service. The D class lifeboat was replaced by a B class Atlantic 21 lifeboat.
  • 1985 A celebration 150th Anniversary Vellum was awarded to the station.
  • 1993 An all weather lifeboat station was re-established when the B class Atlantic 21 lifeboat was withdrawn and replaced by a Mersey class lifeboat. The Joy and Charles Beeby was named by HRH The Duchess of Kent. The boathouse and slipway were adapted for the new lifeboat.
  • 1995 A D class lifeboat was placed on service.
  • 1996 A new D class lifeboat arrived at the station.
  • 2005  The new D class, IB1 D-639 Howard and Mary Broadfield, was placed on service.

Station honours

  • At Berwick-upon-Tweed the following awards have been made:
  • Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum 1
  • Bronze Medal 1
  • Silver Medal 6
  • Gold Medal 1

Mersey Lifeboat:     Royal National Lifeboat Joy and Charles Beeby 12-32    

New Mersey
Launch Type:  Slipway.   Length:  11.62m.  Max speed:  17 knots.  Range:  240 nmile.  Crew:  6 Survivor Capacity:  Self righting: 21    Non self-righting: 43

IB1 - Inshore Lifeboat      Royal National Lifeboat Howard and Mary Broadfield

New D Class
Launch Type:  Davit.  Length:  5m.  Max speed:  25 knots.  Range:  3 hours at maximum speed.  Crew:  2-3 Survivor Capacity:  5

Our Area at Berwick upon Tweed stretches from Emmanuel Head on Holy Island to the Scottish Border just north of Marshall Meadows Bay and offshore to approximately 50 nautical miles.The responsibility for managing search and rescue operations in this area belongs to Humber Coastguard.